7 Best Spots To Buy Souvenirs In Dubai In 2021

Dubai is a destination that is filled with amenities from all around the world. From luxury restaurants to luxury villas for sale in Dubai, you can find almost anything here. That is why this place is the most visited tourist spot on Earth. In this guide below, we have gathered out some top places where you can buy souvenirs in Dubai in 2021 at moderate and cheap rates.

Al Karama Market

In a mostly Indian community, in the city of Dubai, 10 minutes from Dubai Creek, Al Karama Market is situated. This place opens in the afternoon and provides you with the chance to practice your negotiation skills as the shop owners sometimes ask for a price that is doubled the actual price. Some decent offers will certainly be grabbed here. The Karama Shopping Complex also contains souvenirs.

Funky yet adorable souvenirs in Dubai include BurjKhalifa and Burj al Arab miniature statues, Russian stacking doll, ornate sofa and table coverings, and numerous genie lamps. Other presents include the hookah pipes and pashmina shawl.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

This market is designed in a traditional manner to showcase the culture of the UAE. It belongs to the bigger Arabian Resort of Madinat Jumeirah. This market is centredaround an old-fashioned Arab market. It is busy with visitors, restaurants and stores.

In contrast to related products found in Karama, souvenirs in Souk Madinat Jumeirah appear to be overpriced. However, it is less likely that you would be bothered or compelled to buy things due to the location of the store. In the souk, you can comfortably spend a day in a variety of restaurants and clubs. The outside zone highlights the Burj al Arab by providing a spectacular view in particular.

The Dubai Mall

There is a souk market with lots of souvenir shops on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall. Situated on the 2nd floor of the Dubai Mall, Camel Company sells all kinds of sweet and soft toys for kids. There is also camel-like cups, t-shirts, pens, and many more. The store is also available online as well as at four other spots too and maybe some more in upcoming years.

Souk al Bahar

You can get to Souk al Bahar if you go from the Dubai Mall across the bridge over Lake Burj.  Souk al Bahar also has many shops and restaurants and is designed keeping the old-fashioned market theme in mind. The restaurants here offer a good view of the BurjKhalifa water fountain display.

A decent spot to purchase attractive paintings and prints is Gallery One at Souk al Bahar. You find designs that reflect Dubai and the UAE. The art contains geometrical patterns, exquisite pictures from the Emirates, and Islamic calligraphy. Many items are available in smaller size prints, making them easy to carry.

Spice Souk

Though most people regard the Spice Souk as an initial spice market, this tourist attraction also offers souvenirs. The tourists can buy stickers, clothes and even fun decorations around the Spice Souk. It’s one of the few locations in Dubai where bargaining is normal so this thing makes shopping for souvenirs at Spice Souk quite convenient.  This is the perfect place to buy more and pay less for souvenirs in bulk.

The Antique Museum

Many items can be brought from the Antique Museum in Al Quoz, and the place provides the same field to practise your bargaining skills as in Karama.  The market is filled with souvenirs of all types. You can find here some special type of daggers that are referred to in common-language in UAE as ‘Khanjars”, genie-shaped lamps, and many more unique things that provides a treat to the eyes.

Naif Souk

Naif Souk is a market for camels and one of the oldest traditional markets in the region. Much like the Spice Souk, this location is perfect for exploring local culture and more than 100 shops. All sorts of souvenirs, textiles, and leather goods can be found here. The Souk is also a perfect place to negotiate your souvenir.

This is all from our side. You can opt to go to these places or some local shops near the city walk apartments for saleto get the best souvenirs at reasonable prices.