The Steps You Should Follow to Obtain More Reviews on Houzz

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Houzz offers an opportunity for home renovation and design business owners to connect with homeowners. It’s easier to find potential clients using this website. With Houzz, reviews matter. You can gain people’s trust if everyone is saying good things about your business. If you wish to receive positive Houzz reviews, these are some tips to consider. 

Encourage your existing clients

The best people to attest to the services offered are your existing clients. They know the quality of services you can provide. They can also detail their experiences when they decided to work with you. Encourage them to write glowing reviews on the platform. Since they already know that your services are worth it, they won’t mind saying something good. 

Ask the people you know to sign up at Houzz

The good thing about using Houzz is that you can receive reviews from the same platform. Houzz also validates the accounts before allowing the reviews to get published. Therefore, people reading the reviews know that the information is legit and trustworthy. Encourage the people you know to sign up, including your family and friends. Don’t forget your existing clients. If you receive more reviews on the platform, your business will come up more often if people search for the services you offer. 

Request Houzz reviews

Another unique thing about Houzz is it allows you to request reviews from your existing clients, including those who worked with you in the past. They don’t even have to sign up. Click the button that requests a review, and your previous clients will receive them. The form is simple and won’t take time to answer. The recipient can finish writing the feedback in a few minutes. 

Include the Houzz link to your business card

Just because you decided to use this platform to link with potential clients doesn’t mean you can’t go the traditional route. For example, if you wish to hand out business cards, it’s a good marketing strategy. You can merge both tactics by including the link to your Houzz account on the business card. It may also be using a QR code. The recipient can connect with your Houzz account and start doing business with you. 

Use your social media accounts

Another way to integrate other advertising tactics is by using your social media accounts. If you already have a huge following, it’s even better. It means that you can use your social media to ask more people to follow you on Houzz. If they’re already an existing client, they can write reviews on Houzz. The key is to integrate different marketing techniques to gain more followers and boost online visibility. 

Respond to reviews

Once you already start receiving reviews, make sure you respond to them. You want your clients to feel good that you acknowledged their reviews. Remember that they went out of their way to write a glowing review. The least you can do is to say thank you. If these are terrible reviews, try to set the record straight. Explain what happened and correct the misinformation. Learn to own up to your mistake if proven to be true. Always be diplomatic since you want others to know that you care. It’s not only about the existing clients, but potential clients too. 

Houzz is an excellent platform to connect with more people. The key is to have positive reviews. Find a way to receive better reviews. Never fail to provide the services your clients deserve. The positive reviews will keep coming when you offer quality services. People deserve to get what they paid for.