What should I do if the mountain excavation rock mining can’t blast?

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There are many ways to pick rock, explosive blasting is a very fast and efficient choice method. In recent years, it has been managed in recent years. Many mines and construction sites cannot use blasting rocks. It has increased a lot of costs with crushing hammer, and production is also one. Point, I can’t meet the production needs at all, in addition to blasting, what is the good way to exploit?

The method of water-impedance cracking rock can be used, and the water is flushed, and the concrete technology is a new technique of static blasting rock body, rock block and concrete structural (pieces). It is an engineering equipment that is separated from rock mass or fragmentation of the rock quarrying company block or fragmentation of the rock block or a slightly swelled force generated by the pressure can be generated by pressing the drilling. Mainly used in rock and reinforced concrete structures, foundation pit tunnel excavation, road surface, bridge structural static no vibration dismantling and metal or non-metallic mines and quarry mining, secondary crushing and removal.

The water-deflated cracking rock equipment solves the stone too hard, the gun machine does not move, the explosives is not good, and the perfect make up for the mine mining mining. Safety environmental issues.